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Carefully monitored
All documents are monitored individually from Key Issues Papers through all stages to adoption. Information is collected directly from regional, county and district authorities and is constantly updated. Relevant contacts at the authority are provided, as well as authority web addresses and links to the relevant page on the authority's web site.

Easy to use
Quick Search - perform a quick search on a particular authority
Standard Search - search for plans at Region, Country and District Levels, as well as by type of plan and status
Portfolio Search - link details of individual client property portfolios to specific plans
Active Plans - quickly find those plans that are currently undergoing consultation

Advanced functionality
Save searches - users can save multiple searches and recall them at any time
Future plan activity - identify plans where consultation is expected to occur in the future
Add your own notes - your own comments can be added to individual documents
E-Mail Alerts - receive an automatic daily 'alert' of plans/documents commencing consultation
Access PDF documents - we continue to populate the database with .PDF versions of relevant documents

Customisable Reports
The system recognises the profile of each user, enabling reports to the branded with their logo and contact details. There are three output options:

Hardcopy - Schedules can be printed out in a neat professional layout, including personalised name and logo
E-Mail - Schedules can be emailed directly to clients, enabling a fast data flow between consultancy and client
Excel Spreadsheet - Data can be exported directly into Excel, allowing further analysis of the information

Contact us If you are interested in finding out more about DevPlan, you can contact Michelle Still on email at